Looking for a way to get deeper in the Bible?  Daily Bide is a weekday devotional written by YFC staff specifically for teens which uses current events to help you figure out how God's story relates to your story!

If you're looking for a place to hang out and learn more about Jesus in a fun way, check out our Campus Life [M] clubs or a student-led club on campus.

If you want to make a difference at your school and share Jesus with your friends, consider starting a YFC Core team- YFC Core is teams of students with adult coaches who together, follow Jesus in a way that naturally invites friends to discover Jesus with them. Teams of students meet weekly with adult coaches to Share, Pray and Discover how God is challenging them to take risks and invite their lost friends to discover Jesus with them.  We can help you get started!  Just contact us at

If you have questions about spiritual issues, is dedicated to encouraging teens and sharing pearls of biblical truth in a sea of spiritual sludge. You can search through the questions others have asked, or ask your own questions!  It's a ministry of, but this site is geared specifically to you!

If you have more questions or are looking for more resources, don't forget to check out the bottom of the main Resource page!