Windsor Knolls

Meets every Tuesday afternoon at the school. Campus Life is a non-denominational program designed for 6th-8th grade students in the Windsor Knolls Middle School area. The weekly club meetings give students an opportunity to hang out with friends and are organized to offer activities, meals, and discussions that feed body, mind, and spirit.  For more information, please contact Cindy Williams.

Flocking Fundraiser

The Windsor Knolls Campus Life [M] program currently has a flocking fundraiser to raise funds for our program. To have a flock of yard flamingos placed in your yard or someone else's yard, you can donate $10 to our ministry and a trained technician from our ministry will deliver and set up the flock with no contact with the residents. If you get flocked the flamingos will nest in your yard a few days before being removed. You can donate $10 to have them removed. If you'd like to have them removed and then relocated to someone else's yard you can donate $20.  Donations for flockings, flocking removal, and flocking relocation can be made here. Once you have made your donation, please contact our volunteers Lisa and Hannah Gorham to arrange the details for a flocking or flocking removal.

If you get flocked and are unable to donate at this time for the removal of the flock, please contact our flocking team to remove the flock at no cost.