Barbara Ingram School for the Arts

Barbara Ingram School for the Arts- "The Unshaken" meets every Wednesday morning from 8-9 in the black box theater

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Youth for Christ Club Sponsors Benefit Concert

Bethany Norris, junior at Barbara Ingram School for the Arts, and her leadership team organized their first benefit concert on Oct 21st.

Approximately 100 people attended the event at Bridge of Life Church which is located in the historic Colonial Theatre on Potomac Street. It was a collaborative effort that included student leaders of the club as well as advisors Mrs. Kibler and Mrs. Curtis which made the event a success.

Exactly $800 was raised in the process through donations. The proceeds will go to support the Hope Center which "Confronts Homelessness, Addiction, Poverty and Hopelessness in the name of Christ."

The concert finale was an acapella rendition of “Victory in Jesus” performed by the residents of the Hope Center’s “Foundations Life Recovery Program” along with the members of the YFC Club and its leaders.

After the concert was over, a time of refreshments were served where concert-goers, performers, parents and Hope Center Residents could mingle. Parents, students and Chick-Fil-A provided the refreshments and volunteer help. It was an amazing night to remember.