JC Hafner

Foster Care Bible Study (Cedar Ridge)

I supposedly gave my life to Christ when I was six years old; however, circumstances led me away from the church and Christ for nearly 20 years. I found myself professing Christ, but my life choices spoke otherwise. It was not until 2011 that I truly surrendered my life to the Lord with a passionate devotion to him.

It was not long after my dedication to the Lord that I felt a burning desire to be a minister of the Gospel. For this reason, I began pursuing my M.Div from Liberty University, which I completed in May 2016. I have served in a couple different ministerial capacities over the past 5 years as I pursue God’s will for my life.

One thing is certain, I greatly desire community transformation through the proclamation of the Gospel, especially in the youth community. I have many experiences, successes, and failures that I can use to influence young people. For this reason, I have devoted my life to helping them become men and women of integrity and godly character.

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